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Labradorite, Diamond & Gold Pendants

$ 298.00

Style | A. Geometric Nomad


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Labradorite, Diamond & Gold Pendants

$ 298.00


A. Geometric Nomad

  • Product Description

      We’re all in love with this collection of labradorite and diamond jewelry.  Keeps us calm and styling through life.

      A. Geometric Nomad - Pave Diamonds and 18KG vermeil.

      B. St. Christopher - The patron saint of travelers, St. Christopher is with you for every adventure. 14k gold filled - this one stays on our necks and near our hearts at 20 inches in length. - handmade item - 7/8" pendant diameter -20" chain -14k gold filled chain and pendant.  This baby goes everywhere with us.

      C. Rising Moon - Feel the cosmic energy surge from this ethereal necklace - a twinkling star laying upon a slender, crescent moon with celestial orbs trailing off the other side. Outshine everyone with this delicate, gold pendant necklace set with precious and semi-precious stones. Sliced raw uncut diamonds,  Pave black diamonds, Vermeil 18k gold. 14" with 2" link; Pendant length: 0.5"/ Pendant width: .12"

      D. True North - This delicate celestial star is one of our favorite layering necklaces. Gold Plated over brass, CZChain is 16 inches, adjustable to 18 inches 

      E. Eternal Love - 18K Gold Vermeil with pave diamonds this heart necklace will be a keeper. 

      F. TCB Bolt Necklace - Be ready in a flash with this gold pendant necklace! Covered in uncut diamonds, this jagged thunderbolt is a fun, fierce and fiery staple jewelry item. Sliced raw uncut diamonds, silver resin, vermeil 18k gold L: 14" with 2" link

      G. Protective Eye - This gorgeous pendant shape is said to protect from the “evil eye” of others. The concept of “evil eye” - misfortune and malevolent spirits brought about by others’ envy and dislike - is prevalent in the Mediterranean region but its meaning and this eye-shaped talisman is now well known around the world. 

      With its glamorous jewelry design, the protective eye pendant is a modern take on the traditional protective amulet, made with the classic almond eye-shape but embellished with shining gold, glinting diamonds and an additional labradorite on the side, filled with its own meaning. 

      Sliced raw uncut diamonds, labradorite, silver resin, pave champagne diamonds, vermeil 18k gold

      Wearing labradorite is said to be helpful during times of change - it imparts strength and perseverance just as it balances and protects. L: 14" with 2" link


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    • Variant: A. Geometric Nomad
    • Product Type: Jewelry