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Artisanal picks to make your home more beautiful
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Park City Pine Candle Park City Pine Candle Quick View

Park City Pine Candle

$ 34.00

Hand Poured soy candle in 11 oz. amber glass tumbler.  Burn time approximately 90 hours. All Park City  signature candles give back to our beloved ...
Artisan Pottery Mug Artisan Pottery Mug Quick View

Artisan Pottery Mug

$ 56.00

Handmade in California, this gorgeous Indigo Mug is perfect for your favorite hot cocoa, coffee, tea or ice cream.  Makes a great gift for the hard...
Mountain Collection Mug Mountain Collection Mug Quick View

Mountain Collection Mug

$ 56.00

Our Favorite Mug from Question of Eagles in Cali.   Each mug is handmade so color and texture vary 3.5” H x 5” Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, but H...
Dipped Artisanal Mug Quick View

Dipped Artisanal Mug

$ 56.00

We love how this mug looks as if it was dipped in sugar! Perfect for hot cocoa or whatever your please. Handmade in California. Approximately 3.5” ...
Palo Santo Bundle Quick View

Palo Santo Bundle

$ 28.00

As you know, we all love Palo Santo and it goes with us everywhere!  This beautiful little bundle makes a great housewarming gift.  - Exclusive
Smudge Bowl Smudge Bowl Quick View

Smudge Bowl

$ 49.00

Specially designed for Indigo Highway, this smudge bowl is the perfect accessory for your ritual space. Hand fired and glazed ceramic. Made in the ...
Crystal + Sage Meditation Bundle Quick View

Crystal + Sage Meditation Bundle

$ 42.00

Native American culture has been burning sage to clear away negative energy from a space for centuries.  This sacred meditation bundle is comprised...
Mountain Mug Quick View

Mountain Mug

$ 39.00

We love the raw feel if this mug and how each landscape is handdrawn and therefore, unique.  Makes the perfect little tea cup or even a cute cactus...
Ceramic Coffee Cup Ceramic Coffee Cup Quick View

Ceramic Coffee Cup

$ 50.00

As you know, we love hand made pottery.  We love how each piece is unique and unlike any other.  We love the way a hand carved cup feels in your ha...